When it comes to battling Cancer, My Mother, Joan Marshall was the tops! But unfortunately, after 11 years of fighting Cancer, and it being her fourth battle with Cancer, she contracted Onset Acute Leukemia and passed away in one week, on March 29th 2020. But she was no quitter! That's for Sure!
She had already been battling Breast Cancer for four years when I committed to be her full time care provider.
I had been traveling back and fourth form the Bay Area for those four years before I moved to Fort Bragg CA from San Jose.
After her mastectomy and chemotherapy, my mother was on her way to recovery,
but then she got Breast Cancer a second time under her right arm in her Lymph Glands.
Then again, she had a third bout with it when it spread to her lungs.
But like I said before, she was no quitter, not even close!  She choose to march on and fight this battle head on.
Her outlook on life was so amazing.  She always had a positive perspective on life right to the end.
Two days before she passed, she told me this...
"I am not ready to go, there are to many things I still want to do in life"
She loved watching baseball and the San Francisco Giants was her team.
She had never been to a professional Baseball game and that was on her bucket list.
The Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino found out about this and made her dream come true.

Then in mid March 2020, she started complaining of being in pain all over her body.  this went on for about three days and her home health nurse got orders to come over and take some blood sample.
Something did not look right from the results.
Her Oncologist requested that we come to the hospital to run some more tests,
and they discovered that her white blood cell count was 20 times too high.
5 days later she had passed.
She had endured so much pain throughout those 11 years.
She had Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Restless Leg Syndrome, Gout, Extreme Back Pain, Pain from the Surgeries,
Pain for three long years from the Radiation Burns, She had gotten Shingles twice, it was a never ending battle for my Mother.
She was on so much pain medication just so she could somewhat function on a day to day basis.
Her Medication list was a miles long, and her allergy list of medications that she had tried and her body rejected, was even longer.
She was actually on a new Oral Chemo Medication at the time of her passing.
Her Oncologist said that he had never seen anyone contract this Onset Acute Leukemia while on Chemo before?
I guess at this point it is all in the past, and nothing will bring her back.
I try to only think of the good things and the good times we spent together throughout all these years.
I consider myself so fortunate to have had such a wonderful adult relationship with my mother.
Here's to you Mom
A True Cancer Warrior!
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Christopher Dunn